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I always had at least a freelance gig on the side of my "main" part-time job in college and the main one was, of course, as a web developer. Before I ever advertised it anywhere, before I had any personal or business websites, this was a website that came via word of mouth... from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas where I grew up but had left before ever even  thinking about becoming a web developer or studying computer science. At the time, my part time job turned into full fledged ownership/all business operation responsibilities at a golf course nearby. I stayed until at least 7-8, sometimes later than 9p.m. at night so when I got the call that True North Sign Solutions wanted to retain my services I wanted no part of it. Until they said "Overnight... the website has to be live by tomorrow morning". That was a first. That night was ruthless and I loved it. Despite any previous website's I had made professionally (or at least somehow negotiated some money out of it) this was the first website that made me feel like I was an actual web developer simply by working under such tight time constraints and, partially, because it was the first time somebody came directly to me. It wasn't hard to go back to the golf course the next day because I was tired and worn out. It was hard the next day because I had an all night rush that I continue chasing today (walked away to start my own business, afterall).

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