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Short Summary About Myself

I’m a grateful father, a lucky husband, and a terrible mechanic. My children keep me entertained and my wife keeps me humbled. Through my 27 years I’ve always had a computer with internet access. I play the guitar and have written hundreds of songs nobody will hear. I’m the least “handy” man I know. Can develop your app or website but will break your gadget if tasked with repairing or replacing parts. Must learn something new and relevant to my field(s) every day.

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No 2 Experience

Professional Summary

Experienced web developer and graphic designer with a demonstrated history of working with multiple platforms & frameworks. In college majored in Computer Science making him a capable programmer with experience writing software and applications using high-level object-oriented programming languages. Has developed many desktop applications/programs using C++, C#, Java, Visual Studio, etc. Admittedly not a master of any one language. Considers C# as the language he favors most. Brain thinks of everything, for better or worse, with programming logic and broken down into algorithms. Doesn't think of himself as a creative individual. Instead credits the talent displayed throughout his graphic design portfolio as a result of continued education and research of latest design trends and standards/practices. In addition to being a strongly skilled professional design and development he also has experience in business having proven himself as a successful business owner having taken over ownership of an established business as well as leaving it to start his own business from scratch.

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